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Trash Pickup
The schedule for garbage pickup has been set for Thursday mornings between 10:00 and noon.  Residents are asked to be considerate of their neighbors with whom they share a can:  break down boxes, crush plastic bottles, and push the trash down so that the lid will close to prevent rodents.  Please bring your can to the curb after dark on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.  If you share a can with someone who cannot move the can when it is full, please be helpful. Do not put large household items on the ground by your garbage can.  The garbage collectors will not pick these up.  Homeowners should take these to the city dump.  Full trash can should not be placed on the curb before 5:00 on Wednesday evening and empty cans must be removed from the curb by noon on Friday.
Hot Water Heaters
Chardonnay Village is not responsible for the hot water heater in a condominium nor for any water damage that occurs for a faulty heater.
Regular inspections, maintenance, and replacement of the hot water heater is at the expense of the homeowner.  See CVCA Condominium Declaration, Section 3, Physical Management.  
Residents should have a qualified inspector check their fireplace before using.  This is a homeowner expense.
Toilets should be inspected for leaks seals and constantly running water.  Homeowners must get these fixed immediately.  Only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet.  A fine of $75.00 will be assessed to a homeowner whose refuse causes the sewer line to block.
Cats must be kept within the confines of each condo.  They are not allowed to roam freely through Chardonnay Village.
Dogs must be kept on-leash at all times that they are not within the confines of the owner's condo.  Homeowners are required to pick up all excrement and dispose of it properly in their own garbage cans.  The weight limit for dogs in Chardonnay Village is 35 pounds. Only certified, licensed, trained service dogs, with service vests , are the exception.  Those dogs over the weight limit are categorized an "emotional support dogs" and must have the following documentation provided by the owner on file in the office: 1.  proof of all required immunizations submitted annually and filed in the office; 2.  Written confirmation from a licensed veterinarian or certified dog trainer that the dog's temperament is not aggressive or unpredictable; 3.  written proof from a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist attesting to the need for an emotional support dog.  Documentation from a medical doctor of a family physician will not be accepted.
All vehicles must be registered in the office.  Each condo owner has one reserved parking place only.  Non-assigned parking places are on a first come-first served basis. Each homeowner may have 2 vehicles registered to their unit.  Any additional cars must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Cars that are double parked or parked in the fire lanes will be towed at the owner's expense. 
The pool is for residents only.  Anyone who does not have a key or is not with a resident who has a key is not allowed in the pool.  Am adult resident may have up to four guests in the pool but they must accompany their guests al all time.  Neither parties nor alcohol are allowed in the pool area. Appropriate swimming attire must be worn in the pool: no jeans, cutoffs, undergarments and/or street clothes may be worn in place of a swimsuit.  Fibers from these types of garments clog the filtering system.  There is no smoking in the pool itself and homeowners and guests who are smoking in the pool area must dispose of their butts in the containers provided.  The pool has surveillance cameras operating 24/7.  Anyone breaking these rules will loose the right to use the pool